My favorite @TedTalks on fishing the human weight of China every year by @4fishgreenberg

I spend much of my travel and commute time listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and when possible, watching video podcasts, and every now and then I find one so good I want to record and share it.

This one is a TED talk by author Paul Greenberg about changes in global fishing over the past 50-100 years and how this has impacted not only the industry and the environment, but our diets as well.  I remember first having sushi about 20 years ago just before my first trip to Japan, and being overwhelmed with the variety of different sea creatures chefs would select, slice, and serve on beautifully arranged palate-pleasing portfolios.  In most other cuisines I can think of though, I sadly agree that the protein industry has become dominated by the relatively boring combinations of four from the sea (shrimp, tuna, salmon, and cod), along with four tetrapods and four birds, compared with the myriad of different species diners might have enjoyed decades earlier.

So this topic interests me as a foodie and environmentalist as well as as a trans-pacific statistician and investor.   Here is the the original TED talk video:

Also, I just so happen to have been looking at a list of companies earlier this year engaged in the business of pulling animals out of the sea (whether wild or in farms), and am cautiously hoping the next decade’s leaders in this space will be able to combine variety and cleanliness with efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.  Below is a scatterplot of the list of companies showing that many of the larger and faster growing companies in this space tend to be Indonesian.  I’ll continue to be watching this space, especially on the relationship between Chinese demand for more aquaculture and the impact to island nations like Indonesia and the Philippines.

Scatterplot of fishing companies' growth rates vs returns on capital

(Please note the GFMii site is experimental, and the links might change).


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