By 2030, Beijing + Tianjin GDP to be 40% more than New York + Newark + Jersey City





I saw this table today on LinkedIn, and what most impressed me was not just the projection that 7 of the top 10 cities/metropolitan areas economically by 2030 are projected to be in China, but that the author felt the need to combine New York and New Jersey while keeping Beijing and Tianjin separate just to keep New York at the top of the list while it could still be done.  I would probably have stuck with either cities proper or tried to have some more consistent / widely accepted list of metropolitan areas (e.g. the Tri-state area including Connecticut).

I am less familiar with the Los Angeles – Anaheim area, but according to Google the two are 32 minutes apart by car, just as Guangzhou and Shenzhen are about 32 minutes apart by G-train, and in my experience these two cities in Guangdong province are very closely connected economically and only getting more so.  Guangzhou + Shenzhen combined would also be over 10% larger than New York + New Jersey by 2030 according to this table, but I would include the broader metro area of Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau into the broader metro area of the Pearl River Delta to compare with New York City’s tri-state area.

Suzhou is also 25 min away from Shanghai by G-train, so that would be a third metro area larger than NYC by 2030 without even leaving the top 10.


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